Police Department

Police PatchEstablishment

A Police Department is hereby established in and for the Borough of Aldan. The Chief of Police shall be the chief executive of the Police Department. He shall, under the direction of the Mayor, be in charge of the police force and have supervision over its members, in the exercise of its powers, duties and authority.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Kenneth J. Coppola, Sr. Chief of Police (610) 626-3553
Ryan Bell Patrolman
Erin Scott Patrolwoman
Kenneth J. Coppola, Jr. Sergeant
Brian Fish Patrolman
Mark Perno Patrolman
x x Patrolman
Adam Zahner Patrolman
Jason P. Hollabaugh Patrolman
David F. Jackson Patrolman
x x Patrolman
Steven Ziviello Detective Sergeant
x x Patrolman
Andrew Duris Partrolman
James Wyatt Patrolman