Public Health Committee

Health & Sanitation

The Public health Committee shall have supervision in all matters pertaining to sanitation, refuse collection and removal, managing the borough’s voluntary recycling program, monitoring drop off locations and provide annual documentation to the Delaware County Recycling Coordinator. This committee shall also oversee the compliance in the borough of health standards set forth by the ordinance code and state regulations and be liaison with the Health Officer and Aldan Borough Council.

For the tenth consecutive year, the Delaware County Department of Intercommunity Health Coordination will be overseeing the West Nile Virus Surveillance Program throughout Delaware County. Go to the link for tip sheets to learn more about West Nile Virus and how to keep your property free from virus spreading mosquitoes.

Reduce Your Risk of West Nile Virus read more about it

CDC West Nile Virus Fact Sheet

The Health Officer performs annual pool inspections to ensure satisfactory conditions. Please contact Borough Hall in the spring for a pool inspection application or download from the website under Documents.